• frozen blended rosé, peach liquor, strawberries

  • hangar one, grapefruit, lichi, lemon, agave

  • tequila, lime, agave, orange

  • old forester bourbon, brown sugar, bitters

  • grey goose vanilla, espresso, coffee liquer

  • tito's, giffard peach, ginger beer

  • roku gin, lemon, soda

  • jalapeño infused dobel tequila, agave, mango, lime

  • bacardi 4 year, bacardi coconut, orgeat, lime, coconut

  • patron silver, apple spice, falernum, pineapple

  • maker's mark, benedictine, bitters

  • ketel one, grapefruit, champagne, lemon

  • union mezcal, ancho reyes chile, orange, lime

Hot Sandwiches

  • Thin sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and russian dressing on toasted marble rye

  • Pastrami, coleslaw, swiss cheese, and russian dressing on toasted marble rye

  • Sliced steak, caramelized onions, peppers, and house-made mornay cheese sauce on a sub roll

  • Meatballs made of buffalo, beef, and italian sausage, house-made marinara, provolone, and parmesan cheese on a sub roll

  • Balsamic tuna salad, shaved red onions, swiss cheese, tomato, and fresh greens on toasted squaw bread

  • Crispy cauliflower tossed in house-made buffalo sauce, vegen ranch, shaved celery, shredded carrots and fresh greens on a sub roll

Cold Sandwiches

  • Mortadella, capicola, provolone, genoa salami, fresh greens, shaved onions, tomatoes, oil & vinegar on a sub roll

  • Fresh-sliced smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, fresh greens, and mayo on lightly toasted squaw bread

Burgers and More

  • House-made beef burger topped with hot pastrami, horseradish-beet sauce, pickles, caramelized onions, and swiss cheese on a brioche bun

  • Beer battered fish and thick cut idaho french fries served with creole aioli

  • Cumin crusted mahi mahi, coleslaw, baja cream sauce, mango salsa, served with chips and black bean salad

  • House-made beef burger, fig preserves, humboldt fog goat cheese créme, caramelized onions, brioche bun

  • cup / bowl

  • Wasabi crusted ahi, pickled daikon & carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, sriracha aioli, brioche bun

  • Made fresh daily

  • 100% vegetarian patty, provolone cheese, red onions, tomatoes, fresh greens, mayo, brioche bun

  • Fresh ahi poke, sushi rice, crab salad, marinated cucumbers, avocado


  • Mixed greens, cucumbers, fresh olives, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, crispy chickpeas, pickled red onions, roasted tomato balsamic vinaigrette

  • Fresh kale, parmesan cheese, house-made croutons, and roasted tomatoes, Caesar dressing

  • Fresh greens, wasabi crusted ahi tuna, hijiki seaweed, cucumbers, candied ginger and wasabi, fresh ginger-carrot dressing

  • Fresh greens, balsamic tuna salad, fresh sliced avocado, house-made-ginger-carrot dressing, crispy wontons

Deli Case


  • Scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, bacon, avocado, white cheddar

  • Choice of bagel, garlic hummus, tomato, avocado, fresh greens, crispy chickpeas

  • Scrambled eggs, chorizo, crispy hash browns, habanero jack cheese

  • Egg whites, feta cheese, spinach, caramelized onion, roasted red peppers

  • Scrambled eggs, steak, caramelized onions, peppers, house-made cheese sauce

  • Two over easy eggs, corn tortillas, black beans, avocado, salsa, pico de gallo and cotija cheese

  • Belgian waffle, buttermilk fried chicken, maple-bacon-rosemary butter - add fried egg $1

Kids Menu

  • Pasta, monay sauce, and bread crumbs

  • Squaw bread with swiss and provolone

  • Waffle with cashew butter and strawberry preserves

  • Brioche bun with burger patty, swiss cheese, tomato, and mixed greens


draft beer

bottle beer



  • Bottle
  • Glass
  • Sonoma, Ca

  • Clarksburg, Ca

  • Ca

  • Paso Robles, Ca

  • Mendoza, Argentina

  • Napa Valley, Ca


  • Bottle
  • Glass
  • California

  • Clarksburg, Ca

  • Russian River Valley, Ca

  • Carneros, Ca

Sparkling & Rose

  • Bottle
  • Glass
  • Ca

  • Tuscany, Italy

  • Margaret River

  • France


Fresh Brewed

  • 20oz
  • 16oz
  • 12oz
  • *2oz

  • *6oz

On The Rocks

  • 20oz
  • 16oz
  • 12oz


Fountain Soda 16 oz

Craft Bottled Sodas Available

After Dark Menu


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